Wilkinson's Foods International

Wilkinson Foods International provides sourcing and distribution of high quality Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Goat, as well as other meats and poultry. We have a team of experts available to consult with you regarding your purchase, helping provide you with the best service available.

General Information
Wilkinson Foods International, Ltd.
2333 North Sheridan Way
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
L5K 1A7
P: 905-286-1619


Troy Warren
P: 416-670-8793
David Forgan
Director North American Sales
P: 905-288-1140
C: 416-471-7675
Ray McCague
Director of Export Sales
P: 905-288-1149
C: 416-804-8267
Mario Carbone
North American Meat Manager
P: 905-288-2052
C: 514-449-5906
North American Trading Team
Ryan Snyder
P: 905-288-1142
C: 647-287-8646
Cavan Stalford
P: 905-288-2054
C: 647-292-4757
Simon Miculis
P: 905-288-1143
C: 416-804-1235
Jamie Martel
P: 905-288-1141
C: 416-569-2379
Jared Thomson
P: 905-288-2053
C: 647-274-4372
Jack Ismail
P: 403-452-5050
C: 403-771-0022
Thomas Turnbull
P: 905-288-1148
C: 416-846-1285
Mark Costa
P: 905-288-2060
C: 647-294-2373
Steve Bennett
P: 905-288-1150
C: 416-565-4474
Export Department
Jorge Silva
Eastern Europe
P: 905-288-1157
C: 416-508-6723
Tracey Moore-Harrison
Mexico, Latin America
P: 905-288-2063
C: 416-400-0627
Gabriela Suarez
Mexico, Latin America
P: 905-288-1159
C: 905-599-7715
Gonzalo Equioiz
South and Central America
P: 905-288-1132
C: 416-723-8258
Johnny Sychangco
P: 905-288-1154
C: 647-278-4286
Igor Sarkisov
Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East
P: 905-288-2055
C: 416-569-6468
Olga Frolova
P: 905-288-2061
C: 647-922-8307
Richard Han
Southeast Asia
P: 905-288-1153
C: 647-449-5241
Sonia Song
Hong Kong / China
P: 905-288-1146
C: 647-272-8801
Jeff Yuan
Hong Kong / China
P: 905-288-1145
C: 416-704-1388
Traffic Managers
Penny Tsang
Export Traffic
P: 905-288-1130
C: 416-723-3822
Darryl Walker
Director North American Traffic
P: 905-288-1156
C: 647-300-7675
Mark Harrison
North American Traffic
P: 905-288-1131
C: 905-466-4028
Karen Tugade
Logistics Coordinator, North American Traffic
P: 905-288-2058
C: 647-638-7204
Haris Ahmed
Logistics Coordinator, North American Traffic
P: 905-288-2059
C: 647-294-3159
Credit Department
Melinda Batista
Credit Manager
P: 905-288-1136
C: 647-287-8627