Wilkinson Foods International Ltd.                                                                  
Our business has
taken us around the world
About Us
Wilkinson Foods has a sales force that combine efforts of over 100 years experience of trading in pork, beef and poultry markets.

The global presence within these markets allows Wilkinson Foods to import and export quality products at a fair price.
Wilkinson Services
Wilkinson Foods provides expertise in the international sourcing and distributing of meats and poultry.

With logistics providers located around the globe, Wilkinson Foods can distribute products to any location worldwide.
Wilkinson Products
Use our product guide system to find information on the cuts, varieties, and supplying countries we deal with.

We have a team of experts available to consult with you regarding your purchase, helping provide you with the best service available.
Contact Us
See a listing of contact information for each of our company departments and individual traders.

To provide you with the best service we have traders that specialize in the product you are looking for.